Full Moon in Aquarius

Full moon in Aquarius. This baby is bright as shit. Kimmy asked me tonight what the full moon in Aquarius represented and I couldn’t remember what I read so I spoke to it with what I felt. I felt that it was especially hard to be in a situation that didn’t allow you to speak your truth or in an environment that you didn’t feel comfortable speaking it in. Feeling a sense of entrapment within our own doing. Just now I googled the full moon in Aquarius now and guess what?? The Aquarius is always searching for the truth and so this is a time to confront the truths in life as it relates to you. Well fuck, my truth is that I am always searching…for the one, for the way, for the truth. The thing is that I search externally for this more than I do internally. A lot of us do this. This is okay but the journey inward is the journey to truth. The process of going inward occurs perhaps differently for each of us so do not be discouraged if you have no idea what the truth is. The truth is…there are no definitive truths;)