I’m lit as shit right now! Just got off the phone with Kimmy and I feel alive and inspired by our real and raw conversation. This life is too short to have small talk, especially with the ones I love. All things are possible in this life and it is refreshing as fack to discuss these possibilities with my soul sister in this life. Lately, I have been feeling bogged down by commitments and work and I know that I am the one choosing this sometimes dreadful existence and it has made me take a step back and look at what really makes me happy. I make all these bloody commitments to people and jobs that don’t serve my highest soul purpose and then I don't have any time left to commit myself to my own well being. It’s like the hampster wheel affect where I start off going for a little joy ride and then I get caught up in the pace thinking I am going somewhere and the faster I run, the faster the wheel spins but ultimately I go nowhere. Fuck. Whereas, if I just jumped off my little joyride before it took me for a hell ride then I could chill, relax, unwind and truly create space for what my soul needs. I used to consider ‘me time’ as selfish on my part but now I totally embrace it and need it. Connection is important but I don’t think that I have to connect with everyone. If I connect with a few brilliant souls in my life and the rest of the time I spend connecting with myself and nature then that is magical. Because I would rather that than connecting with everyone and not connecting with myself….not saying it is all or nothing but sometimes its hard to find that balance.

Also, the quality of conversation and what I connect about is so important to me. I used to feel like I had to, or wanted to talk to everyone…whether that was to please them or myself. But now I’m okay to just walk on by if I know it is not a conversation or connection I’m feeling that is not worth my time. And honestly I would 100% respect if someone felt that way about me. Anyways, back to my sis and our awesome conversations always! We like to push the limits on how far outside the ‘box’ we think and ponder when we are talking about some real life shit. I’m so grateful for you:) I feel lit as shit! I love you!!!!