The Quest for Ma Tribe

I’m on a quest for ma tribe. It sounds like a magical endeavour….and trust me, it is. It is like searching for unicorns and squirrels with similar interests in rainbow colours and nut selections.

My Tribe:

Wild and Free!

Loving Hearts

Compassionate Souls

Beautiful Beings

Wounded Warriors

Golden Goddess’s

Badass Bitches

Strong Standpoints

All for the Almonds

Believers in the Best

Keen for the Greens

Fuck it, be who you are what you are and embody the Feminine Divine. Love with all you have even if you have to build it from the ground up. Be real because that is what we all need more of. The real you…the real me….feel the fear of the most vulnerable state of your being and then turn that fear into fierce my dear. That is what I came for and that is what I came to you for. I will meet you soon if I haven’t met you already;)