Music Ignites My Heart

Music ignites my heart. It makes my whole being vibrate and creates an experience that I do not want to escape from. I have been reminiscing on some childhood years when I felt safe and hopeful. Celine Dion and Whitney Houston bring it home for me. The song, the sound, the lyrics and the vibration being me back to my inner child. The times I spent in my room passionately singing to the hopeful soul-full sounds of these beautiful dosas was magical to say the least. Music, dancing and singing is a beautiful healthy release for me. It is a means of transcending from this realm to another. It is powerful. It is powerful beyond measure. There is soo much power in the stillness and silence…yes…that is what they say. But for me, in this time, it is the music that takes me to the realm of the unknown. I just want to sing and dance and dance and sing and prance and move and be free and shout from the bottom of my soul to the top of my lungs the sounds of my being! We are looking for ways to express ourselves and i know this is mine. It is just about breaking free of judgement from myself for needing this and going for it.

I love you beautiful being! Go and be free!