Ayahuasca on the Horizon

It has been just over 3 months since my first Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Costa Rica. I still have not written about the experience because I’m not totally sure how to put it into words but one day I will. Maybe one day sooner than later. I knew my encounter with Mother Ayahuasca would come about again shortly after my last ceremony. As Peru approaches, I feel more calm about it like my ego has surrendered to it. I can feel her stirring in my body and in my soul. The plants and trees are speaking to me. I can’t get enough of being in the earth, smelling the beautiful flowers and hugging all the trees…more than I usually do. I am being invited back with open arms and it feels comforting. I never know what to expect with Mother Ayahuasca but my intention is to heal my heart and open my soul.

I have lived my life fairly safely in this lifetime. I have made an effort to blend in and to not go against the grain so as not to attract unwanted attention from others. There was a reading I received a few years back, and a past life had come up about me being a warrior woman in Roman times. I was captured and made to fight for my freedom in domes for others entertainment. I was held in captivity until one day I won my freedom fair and square. I was set free and trusting no one, I took off into the woods on my own and hid from society so as to retain my new found freedom. This resonated with me deeply as freedom is one of the most important things to me and always has been. My lesson in this life is to love…to love myself, others and all things unconditionally. And in order to do this I need to connect and in order to connect I need to be my authentic self and put myself back out there in this wild world. I need to trust that the Universe will have my back and that the people that were meant to cross my path will find me and vice versa. But I have to allow them to find me and to show my true colours when they do. This is at least one of my life missions I know for sure. Mother Ayahuasca is a guardian plant spirit that is helping me realize some deeper truths about myself, about this reality and about my life path. I am honoured and blessed to be welcomed back by your Divine presence wisdom. I embark on my journey with humble confidence, a willingness to let go and an openness to trust.

Muchas Gracias Mother Ayahuasca