My Love for Travel

For = freedom and vice versa. I have never really wanted to stay in one spot for very long. I like moving around in my body, in my life and in this world. I love to travel but I like to stay awhile in each place I feel a connection to. I like to deepen that connection because I know there is wisdom, knowledge, truth and lessons in those places. I have travelled many places but the ones I was called to stay in were unique in their own essence.

New Zealand was dope AF and I established my sense of independence there through travelling alone and some wild one off experiences. I will always remember my beautiful friend who worked at a classy strip joint there and one night she convinced me to do a hot candle wax show with her. Feeling all wild and free I agreed! I was nervous but thought it was a very cool opportunity. It’s funny though because it didn’t matter how much confidence I had, I knew I didn’t belong, nor did I want to be up there. We made a few hundred dollars in a couple minutes but I knew as soon as I walked off that stage, I would never go back. All the more respect to the talented ladies that rock that shit. Life lessons I tell ya. I really don’t know anything until I try something new and only then do I know for myself what that experience entails. And the more times I put my foot in someone else’s shoes, and better yet, go for a walk in them (or dance in them;), the greater my ability becomes to embody love, compassion and empathy for myself, others and all things in this life.

Nicaragua was like a warm hug filled with beautiful strong feminine vibes. I grew into my beautiful sexual being there as I immersed myself in the beautiful jungle & ocean half naked, yoga teaching life vibes. I have never found more of a warrior women tribe in my life than I did there. I love you ladies and you know who you are:)

Whistler. Your masculine energy hit me like a cold storm. I put up my winter walls but you still broke me. But in the process, I found myself. Hi! I love you! Holy f*ck balls though, what a whirlwind through the total darkness. This place is not an easy place to navigate through. It is full of energy from far and wide and the ancient ancestors of the land have protected it so it becomes harder to connect with nature even thought it is surrounding you the entire time. There is a high level of depression that occurs here, especially in the winter months, but obvi they don’t advertise this in Tourism Whistler haha. Regardless, if you have had the pleasure of visiting or living in Whistler, you know it’s beauty and its capacity to hold space while you face some of your greatest fears. Truth.

These places have showed me the extremes and the in betweens. One thing they all have in common is that they have showed me how to love more on all levels for all things, people, places, nature and myself.

My next move will take me to Bali and I welcome the healing vibes already. #imready


Loving the Jungle Life - Thank You Nature

Jan 18, 2017 - Finca Verde Lodge - Bijagua, Costa Rica

Continuing on my journey of life and travel, I find myself in the beautiful little town of Bijagua, Costa Rica. It is located more inland and is nestled near a volcano with a jungle setting of a million different colours of green. The air is fresh and the people are humble. I am staying at a friends home and family business called Finca Verde Lodge. Since I left my hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan, I have encountered many beautiful places in Mexico and Nicaragua, and this place is no exception to the roll I'm on of awesome places and people. It is the most lush place I have ever been and I can hardly even believe that my friend, Jorge, lived in Regina for as long as he did when this is where he grew up! If you are ever travelling through Costa Rica be sure to check it out!

My intention for my travels is to heal myself so that I can help others heal. The way I can do this is to grow and learn and go with the flow as I try and stay totally in the present. Not staying in one place longer than it serves me but not leaving too soon before I can digest why it is that I ended up here in the first place. So far I have learned many things about trees, plants, insects, volcanos, birds and welcoming friends and family. It is so amazing to witness the hard work that my friend and his family have put into this place to make it their own gem that they are able to share with others. This is the idea I have brewing for my life create something unique that I can offer and share with others. So far I have done a ton of processing since being in Costa Rica over the past couple of days. My Spanish is rusty as heck but it also  turns out I don't have too much to say at this time. On the contrary, my visual senses are on fire with the beauty of my surroundings. Soon though, I will need to get out of my head and start speaking some truths from what I have learned and what I want to contribute. My throat chakra is feeling a bit weakened so it is only a matter of time. Necesito practicar mi espanol! One thing I have been expressing in both english and spanish is my gratitude for everything. I feel continuously blessed to have made amazing connections in my life that have allowed for some amazing people to grace me with their presence, homes, friends and family. 

Soon I will move on in my adventures for there is another place that is calling to me. I have a feeling I will be back here one day as it holds a special place in my heart. I have never been so immersed in nature and it is a pretty surreal feeling. It has been a beautiful 20 days of travel thus far filled with love, new friends, old friends, sunshine, rain, good times, iffy times, health, sickness, calmness, anxiety, excitement and fear. I am where I need to be for the time being but I know my travels hold plenty more experiences and adventure. I am off now to find a place to do some yoga. Heart openers are must right now as it is key that I stay open. Love, peace, namaste.

!Thank you! !Muchas Gracias!

Nicole Krumenacker

Rebirth You Soul - Women Empowerment Retreat

Do you ever feel stuck? Like stuck in a specific cycle in life where you feel like your going in circles on the same merry-go-round that leaves you feeling ill and depleted time and time again? I have and I have taken a huge step at the ripe old age of 31 to leave behind the life I know and go travel and explore all by myself. The journey has just begun for me as I sit here in Sayulita, Mexico writing this blog entry and I can already feel a change in my spirit and my soul. I feel alive, albeit feeling a bit dicey among maybe some iffy food, not enough water and a little too much tequila as we celebrated ringing in the New Year last night.

I decided to start my journey off with a yoga retreat lead by Mandy Bursting, Jade Alectra and Jenny Niezgoda. It was the best decision I could have made and I knew it the moment I came across it back in September. Even though it was an investment, my gut told me it would be a golden investment given the journey ahead of me. And it was gut that is. The last 4 days I have spent with an amazing group of women as we explored the depths of our beings and unravelled our current limiting beliefs about ourselves. This experience has allowed me to open up and create space for whatever is to come in the following year and for that I am so incredibly grateful. I definitely need to listen to my gut more often but then again we probably all do. We are so disconnected from it in the world we live in. We hold so much potential in this area of our body but we also hold our fears here. Fears are good as long as we don't get overwhelmed, as discussed in my last blog. For us women, the womb is also a place in our body which we tend to neglect and disconnect from. I was so fortunate to be able to partake in a traditional Temazcal Ceremony in a sweat lodge here in Mexico to honour the womb, our ancestors and Mother Earth. It was literally a rebirthing of my soul as I sweat and purged out what I wanted so bad to leave behind from this past year and from my past in general. It was liberating and scary all at the same time. It challenged me mentally, physically and emotionally but I made it through the ceremony and I feel stronger and lighter from it all at the same time. 

No doubt that 2016 has left you with some memories, experiences and changes that you might want to leave behind as well. This is your chance to do that now and rebirth your soul for 2017. But first you have to come to terms with whatever that is and only then can you let it go. Reflect, respect and reinvent. What is it that you want for the next coming year? Take a chance and do something you thought you could never do. Take a trip, go on a date, end an unhealthy relationship, start up yoga, get a new job, read a book, write a book. Whatever it is you want you can manifest it and I am telling you that 2017 is the perfect year to do so. I want to share with you 7 things that I want from 2017. I want 2017 to be the year of:

1. Healing myself

2. Self love and respect

3. Facing my fears

4. Falling in love with life

5. Patience

6. Balance, health and yoga

7. Flying higher than I ever have before

Write down a list of what you want in 2017 and go back to it often. Change starts with you, especially when it comes to your life. And don't forget to be grateful for all that comes your way. Manifest our greatness, baby! I believe in you!

Love, Peace, Namaste

Nicole Krumenacker

So What Are You Afraid Of? Transform Your Fears to Freedom

Doesn't it always seems that when our lives just start making sense, we all of a sudden become uncertain about the choices we are making? This is called fear my friends. Fear has the power to take over and stop us right in our tracks.....but only if we let it. This past month, I have been faced with doubts and fears in every part of my life. In my personal life, my professional life and even in my relationships. Fear is healthy to a certain extent, but it's when we lose trust and faith in the Universe that it starts to cave in on us like a dark cloud. 

Since I like to keep my yoga teachings relevant and relatable to the experiences and lessons I am learning everyday, I have focused a lot of my teaching this past month on letting go of fears and trusting in the strength that the Universe lovingly provides us. A couple weeks ago I taught a class of 27 eight year old kids and I based this class around letting go of fears which seemed appropriate for the upcoming Halloween weekend. I asked them to write down a fear of theirs and put it in a bucket in hopes to let that fear go and manifest something else great. We then had a brilliant and fun yoga class where we meditated, moved and warrior danced our fears away. Later when the kids returned to class I manifested their bucket of fears into a bucket of candy! Besides the excitement over the treats, the kids were light and free and happy. As they should be. As we all should be.

I later found the anonymous written fears in a bag and was curious what children were afraid of these days. As it turns out the most common fears I pulled from this bag were "killer clowns" and "afraid of the dark". While being afraid of the dark instills a natural fear of aloneness and unknowingness, the fear of killer clowns I found to be a bit disturbing. What is this epidemic with the killer clowns?! That is truly creepy but why is that something our kids have to be afraid of? Among these popular fears were fears of scary movies, competitions, spiders, getting injured, dying and losing things.

Many of these fears remain prevalent in us adults along with many other fears we accumulate throughout life. The fear of getting our hearts broken, fear of not being enough, not getting a good job, failing in school or in life, making the wrong choices, losing someone, something or ourselves, getting old, getting married, getting divorced and embarrassing ourselves. These are just a handful of fears that present themselves as we grow older. No wonder we feel paralyzed and out of control at times, jeez! The fears multiply over time and then guess what? They can feed off each other and conspire to take you down. It is instinctual in our nature to protect ourselves for survival so for this reason we have to be familiar with the feeling of fear. What we don't have to do is let it run our lives. 

My fears lately have revolved around uncertainty and not knowing what is next for me or what the Universe has in store. Like most grown ups, I have a tendency to want to have control over the things in my life, so much so sometimes that I find myself still grasping onto things that I know don't serve me anymore. I just don't want to let go of the control that I think I have in that one area of my life. While these fears have presented themselves, I have also found much guidance to help me through this time. This guidance has come from the Universe in the form of amazing people in my life that inspire me or through books people have given me or referred to me. It has also come to me through meditation, awareness and conscious thinking. One book I am reading that was given to me by one of my students and teachers alike is "The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith"  by Gabrielle Bernstein. This book is demonstrating to me the power of perceiving fear through the teacher of love. Gabrielle expresses that when you choose love and choose to let go of the need to control things then the Universe can step in and reveal your true path. The trick is to trust in yourself and in the Universe because you are one with it.

So how do you really know the Universe is there for you, especially in your darkest times? A trick I learned from this book in order to feel the power and connectedness of the Universe is to pick a sign. It can be an animal or a number or a series of numbers, or a time of day or a song or anything else you might think of. When these signs present themselves then you know that your path is aligned with the Universe. Be patient though and don't search for the signs. Let them appear in their own time...because they will. For myself I picked squirrels (naturally hehe) and the number 7 as it is my lucky number. Today I was driving and my fearful thoughts started to creep in. All of a sudden one block in front of me a bushy tailed squirrel crossed the street and ran up a tree! I smiled and then I glanced at the clock. It read 11:47. I considered myself lucky, guided and safe in that moment. This is how we can feel always but it will take some time and some practice to spin your thought process on how you perceive fear. 

Make a list of a few fears or something you would like to let go of control over now. Then write down how you can perceive these fears through the teacher of love. Try to see them through the lens of love and spin your perception on them. What are you learning from them and how are they assisting you to grow? Accept them, make peace with them and then only then can you let them go. Sit for 5-10 minutes quietly as you feel each fear and then let it go like a helium balloon into the atmosphere. When you are finished open your eyes and smile because you are light, happy and free!

If this blog post resonates with you, join me for my Manipura workshop on November 26th. We will let go of fears to create space to manifest something that you have always desired to have in your life. There will be mindful meditation, movement and music followed by a blissful Yoga Nidra. Check out my "Classes" section for more details on this workshop or go to to register. See you all there!

Love, Peace, Namaste

Nicole Krumenacker



Creating a Website: The Struggle is Real!

Queso....cheese! this is my first attempt at both designing a website and writing a blog. Both are foreign to me and the fact that I am a tad bit technologically dumb struck does not make it any easier. I am writing my first blog as I try and navigate through this process. I need a place to vent about it all and this seems like the perfect option.

It's like a big ol' assignment or a massive essay that you just keep putting off because you have no idea where to start. So many options, so many ideas, so many buttons, not enough time....focus, focus, focus. Gah! This is definitely not a strong point of mine, designing websites or really anything techy related, but at this point in my career I cannot afford to pay someone to do it for me. So as it turns out I have to rely on my ability to at least learn as I go and stick with the process. Isn't that just what we do with any challenge that arises in our lives...either pay someone to take care of it for us or deal with it ourselves and learn something through the process? Any challenge we face inevitably turns out to be a reward in the end. Upon working through our challenges we become stronger, smarter, more aware, more wise, more confident and as we become all these things we learn to trust ourselves and our capabilities.  We begin to see and know our true potential. What a beautiful journey of getting to know ourselves!

Challenges present themselves as obstacles or fears we have to overcome. Think about a challenge you are currently, or have recently gone through. What fears of yours surrounded these challenges and how did you face them? Or did you face them? If you have recently overcome something then ask yourself how did you grow from it. What things did you learn about the world and about yourself? And then thank and congratulate yourself on your efforts and perseverance to get through it. If you are currently in a midst of conquering a challenge, any challenge...big or small, then tell yourself that you will get through it and keep on truckin'. Just remember to give yourself time to process your efforts and to reflect on what you have just gone though. Whether you believe it or not, everything happens just the way it is supposed to based on the decisions we make. So decide to stay strong, push forward, try something new, step outside of your comfort zone and then trust that it will all be okay.

Full circle back to me designing a website. I felt like I needed this space to inspire not only you, but myself too! I will stick with it until I have completed and launched it, by which time this first blog may be a little dated. I am excited to be able to share with you my passion for yoga, health, movement, travel and adventure so stay tuned.

Love, Peace, Namaste

Nicole Krumenacker