Creating a Website: The Struggle is Real!

Queso....cheese! this is my first attempt at both designing a website and writing a blog. Both are foreign to me and the fact that I am a tad bit technologically dumb struck does not make it any easier. I am writing my first blog as I try and navigate through this process. I need a place to vent about it all and this seems like the perfect option.

It's like a big ol' assignment or a massive essay that you just keep putting off because you have no idea where to start. So many options, so many ideas, so many buttons, not enough time....focus, focus, focus. Gah! This is definitely not a strong point of mine, designing websites or really anything techy related, but at this point in my career I cannot afford to pay someone to do it for me. So as it turns out I have to rely on my ability to at least learn as I go and stick with the process. Isn't that just what we do with any challenge that arises in our lives...either pay someone to take care of it for us or deal with it ourselves and learn something through the process? Any challenge we face inevitably turns out to be a reward in the end. Upon working through our challenges we become stronger, smarter, more aware, more wise, more confident and as we become all these things we learn to trust ourselves and our capabilities.  We begin to see and know our true potential. What a beautiful journey of getting to know ourselves!

Challenges present themselves as obstacles or fears we have to overcome. Think about a challenge you are currently, or have recently gone through. What fears of yours surrounded these challenges and how did you face them? Or did you face them? If you have recently overcome something then ask yourself how did you grow from it. What things did you learn about the world and about yourself? And then thank and congratulate yourself on your efforts and perseverance to get through it. If you are currently in a midst of conquering a challenge, any challenge...big or small, then tell yourself that you will get through it and keep on truckin'. Just remember to give yourself time to process your efforts and to reflect on what you have just gone though. Whether you believe it or not, everything happens just the way it is supposed to based on the decisions we make. So decide to stay strong, push forward, try something new, step outside of your comfort zone and then trust that it will all be okay.

Full circle back to me designing a website. I felt like I needed this space to inspire not only you, but myself too! I will stick with it until I have completed and launched it, by which time this first blog may be a little dated. I am excited to be able to share with you my passion for yoga, health, movement, travel and adventure so stay tuned.

Love, Peace, Namaste

Nicole Krumenacker