So What Are You Afraid Of? Transform Your Fears to Freedom

Doesn't it always seems that when our lives just start making sense, we all of a sudden become uncertain about the choices we are making? This is called fear my friends. Fear has the power to take over and stop us right in our tracks.....but only if we let it. This past month, I have been faced with doubts and fears in every part of my life. In my personal life, my professional life and even in my relationships. Fear is healthy to a certain extent, but it's when we lose trust and faith in the Universe that it starts to cave in on us like a dark cloud. 

Since I like to keep my yoga teachings relevant and relatable to the experiences and lessons I am learning everyday, I have focused a lot of my teaching this past month on letting go of fears and trusting in the strength that the Universe lovingly provides us. A couple weeks ago I taught a class of 27 eight year old kids and I based this class around letting go of fears which seemed appropriate for the upcoming Halloween weekend. I asked them to write down a fear of theirs and put it in a bucket in hopes to let that fear go and manifest something else great. We then had a brilliant and fun yoga class where we meditated, moved and warrior danced our fears away. Later when the kids returned to class I manifested their bucket of fears into a bucket of candy! Besides the excitement over the treats, the kids were light and free and happy. As they should be. As we all should be.

I later found the anonymous written fears in a bag and was curious what children were afraid of these days. As it turns out the most common fears I pulled from this bag were "killer clowns" and "afraid of the dark". While being afraid of the dark instills a natural fear of aloneness and unknowingness, the fear of killer clowns I found to be a bit disturbing. What is this epidemic with the killer clowns?! That is truly creepy but why is that something our kids have to be afraid of? Among these popular fears were fears of scary movies, competitions, spiders, getting injured, dying and losing things.

Many of these fears remain prevalent in us adults along with many other fears we accumulate throughout life. The fear of getting our hearts broken, fear of not being enough, not getting a good job, failing in school or in life, making the wrong choices, losing someone, something or ourselves, getting old, getting married, getting divorced and embarrassing ourselves. These are just a handful of fears that present themselves as we grow older. No wonder we feel paralyzed and out of control at times, jeez! The fears multiply over time and then guess what? They can feed off each other and conspire to take you down. It is instinctual in our nature to protect ourselves for survival so for this reason we have to be familiar with the feeling of fear. What we don't have to do is let it run our lives. 

My fears lately have revolved around uncertainty and not knowing what is next for me or what the Universe has in store. Like most grown ups, I have a tendency to want to have control over the things in my life, so much so sometimes that I find myself still grasping onto things that I know don't serve me anymore. I just don't want to let go of the control that I think I have in that one area of my life. While these fears have presented themselves, I have also found much guidance to help me through this time. This guidance has come from the Universe in the form of amazing people in my life that inspire me or through books people have given me or referred to me. It has also come to me through meditation, awareness and conscious thinking. One book I am reading that was given to me by one of my students and teachers alike is "The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith"  by Gabrielle Bernstein. This book is demonstrating to me the power of perceiving fear through the teacher of love. Gabrielle expresses that when you choose love and choose to let go of the need to control things then the Universe can step in and reveal your true path. The trick is to trust in yourself and in the Universe because you are one with it.

So how do you really know the Universe is there for you, especially in your darkest times? A trick I learned from this book in order to feel the power and connectedness of the Universe is to pick a sign. It can be an animal or a number or a series of numbers, or a time of day or a song or anything else you might think of. When these signs present themselves then you know that your path is aligned with the Universe. Be patient though and don't search for the signs. Let them appear in their own time...because they will. For myself I picked squirrels (naturally hehe) and the number 7 as it is my lucky number. Today I was driving and my fearful thoughts started to creep in. All of a sudden one block in front of me a bushy tailed squirrel crossed the street and ran up a tree! I smiled and then I glanced at the clock. It read 11:47. I considered myself lucky, guided and safe in that moment. This is how we can feel always but it will take some time and some practice to spin your thought process on how you perceive fear. 

Make a list of a few fears or something you would like to let go of control over now. Then write down how you can perceive these fears through the teacher of love. Try to see them through the lens of love and spin your perception on them. What are you learning from them and how are they assisting you to grow? Accept them, make peace with them and then only then can you let them go. Sit for 5-10 minutes quietly as you feel each fear and then let it go like a helium balloon into the atmosphere. When you are finished open your eyes and smile because you are light, happy and free!

If this blog post resonates with you, join me for my Manipura workshop on November 26th. We will let go of fears to create space to manifest something that you have always desired to have in your life. There will be mindful meditation, movement and music followed by a blissful Yoga Nidra. Check out my "Classes" section for more details on this workshop or go to to register. See you all there!

Love, Peace, Namaste

Nicole Krumenacker