My Love for Travel

For = freedom and vice versa. I have never really wanted to stay in one spot for very long. I like moving around in my body, in my life and in this world. I love to travel but I like to stay awhile in each place I feel a connection to. I like to deepen that connection because I know there is wisdom, knowledge, truth and lessons in those places. I have travelled many places but the ones I was called to stay in were unique in their own essence.

New Zealand was dope AF and I established my sense of independence there through travelling alone and some wild one off experiences. I will always remember my beautiful friend who worked at a classy strip joint there and one night she convinced me to do a hot candle wax show with her. Feeling all wild and free I agreed! I was nervous but thought it was a very cool opportunity. It’s funny though because it didn’t matter how much confidence I had, I knew I didn’t belong, nor did I want to be up there. We made a few hundred dollars in a couple minutes but I knew as soon as I walked off that stage, I would never go back. All the more respect to the talented ladies that rock that shit. Life lessons I tell ya. I really don’t know anything until I try something new and only then do I know for myself what that experience entails. And the more times I put my foot in someone else’s shoes, and better yet, go for a walk in them (or dance in them;), the greater my ability becomes to embody love, compassion and empathy for myself, others and all things in this life.

Nicaragua was like a warm hug filled with beautiful strong feminine vibes. I grew into my beautiful sexual being there as I immersed myself in the beautiful jungle & ocean half naked, yoga teaching life vibes. I have never found more of a warrior women tribe in my life than I did there. I love you ladies and you know who you are:)

Whistler. Your masculine energy hit me like a cold storm. I put up my winter walls but you still broke me. But in the process, I found myself. Hi! I love you! Holy f*ck balls though, what a whirlwind through the total darkness. This place is not an easy place to navigate through. It is full of energy from far and wide and the ancient ancestors of the land have protected it so it becomes harder to connect with nature even thought it is surrounding you the entire time. There is a high level of depression that occurs here, especially in the winter months, but obvi they don’t advertise this in Tourism Whistler haha. Regardless, if you have had the pleasure of visiting or living in Whistler, you know it’s beauty and its capacity to hold space while you face some of your greatest fears. Truth.

These places have showed me the extremes and the in betweens. One thing they all have in common is that they have showed me how to love more on all levels for all things, people, places, nature and myself.

My next move will take me to Bali and I welcome the healing vibes already. #imready